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Local government lawyers

Local authorities looking for creative ways to reduce spend or generate income can rely on our skills.

There are many property matters that we provide advice on including disposals, asset management, regeneration and development projects. Our specialists also support local authorities on planning, environmental and construction.

We advise on procurement, outsourcing, trading, contract performance and disputes plus shared service projects and other collaborations.

Members of our team have formerly worked in-house at local authorities, giving us a direct insight into the pressures faced.

Introducing co-sourcing

With the reduction in budgets continuing to impact the public sector, organisations are looking at new innovative ways to solve their resourcing issues.

To help address this challenge, we have developed co-sourcing; a practical solution to help with your resourcing needs. This is a collaborative arrangement where our team of experts act as an extension of your in-house team.

Our co-sourcing solution mitigates the concerns often expressed when externalising work, as control of the project, resource level, procedures, knowledge retention, quality and costs is retained by the client.

Read our introduction to co-sourcing.

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