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TLT LegalSifter

We process a high volume of customer and sourcing contracts for a small team. TLT LegalSifter is proving very valuable for on-the-spot legal guidance – giving us more scope to support the business in the way it really needs.
Laura Poole ,
Iken Business Ltd

When you're dealing with lots of suppliers and partners, reviewing multiple contracts can take up time and money.

Our combined artificial intelligence and human sifting technology finds and resolves issues in your contract, allowing your in-house teams to focus on more strategically valuable work.

In just a minute or two, TLT LegalSifter's powerful AI "sifts" contracts for legal issues, then provides advice from our specialist commercial lawyers to help guide you through any risk areas.

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Pressure on in-house legal teams is growing

From working with clients, we know that you're facing:

  • High volumes of contracts
  • Constrained resource - particularly in-house counsel, where the priority is strategic advice
  • Pressure to improve efficiencies
  • External counsel coming at a price point

How TLT LegalSifter can help


  • Contract review in a minute or two
  • 30% faster than lawyers on their own


  • Market-leading legal advice embedded
  • As accurate, or more accurate, than humans
  • Re-enforcing preferred commercial positions
  • Releases time for in-house counsel to provide strategic value
  • Allows junior staff to take on more rewarding work

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Transforming legal services

Discover why James Touzel believes that, with legal teams being asked to deliver more for less while delivering greater strategic value for the business, the solution lies in combining artificial and human intelligence.