Transforming legal teams with legaltech solutions

Join TLT's FutureLaw team for our webinar series

The TLT FutureLaw team are delighted to host a series of webinars from January to May, in which we will discuss and showcase how the legaltech that we use with our clients could deliver benefits to your business and help your teams work more efficiently and effectively and deliver more value.

When considering how your department may need to transform to meet the changing needs of your business it is essential to first identify what those needs are and design a new operating model to meet them. That new model will likely include a mixture of people, process and technology changes.

The legaltech market is constantly changing and it can help to understand what is available to you.

Legal Project Management 

21 April 2021 | 11.00 - 11.45

In our fourth webinar of the series, we consider the use and benefits of Legal Project Management (LPM) and process optimisation for inhouse legal teams. What is LPM and process optimisation? How could it help your team and business? In this webinar, our LPM experts will share what LPM and process optimisation is, how it can be used in your business and how it can help you when looking to find your optimal legal operating model.

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Legal transformation and finding your next gen operating model 

26 May 2021 | 11.00 - 11.45

To conclude our series of webinars, we will share our experiences of how to approach legal transformation within your business, where to begin and the key considerations for you and your team. In this final webinar we will demonstrate how elements from each of our webinars can be brought together to create a bespoke model with you, bringing along key stakeholders in the business.

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Watch on demand 

TLT One webinar 

In our first webinar of this series we showcased our contract lifecycle and task management platform TLT One. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the on demand recording here.

TLT Intelligent drafting 

In our second webinar of the series we demonstrated TLT Intelligent Drafting alongside our technology partner Clarilis. This solution helps you to prepare contracts and other legal documents with ease, more quickly and with less risk. Watch the on demand recording here. 

TLT LegalSifter Demo

In our third webinar of the series we discussed how TLT LegalSifter could help your business review business as usual contracts quickly and effectively. In this session we demonstrate the solution and how it works on its own and in contribution with our other solutions, you can watch the on demand recording here.

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