Our new report features industry views on how Open Banking is reshaping the financial services market.

Fiercely competitive, fast-paced, technically sophisticated and continually evolving: since its launch in January 2018, Open Banking has all the ingredients to light a touchpaper under the already disrupted banking industry.

But how have banks, building societies, fintechs, payment service companies and other market players responded? What are the real threats and opportunities?

In a survey of 130 insiders from a range of financial services organisations, we discover the issues at play in an industry racing to respond to the challenge. Their responses inform this new report, Opportunity Knocks, revealing:

  • What businesses are investing in, and who they are collaborating with.
  • Why global tech giants might be eyeing up the industry as ripe for entry.
  • What Open Banking strategies look like - and why strategy-setting in such a radical environment is challenging.

Packed with industry insight and deep dives into the statistics, this is essential reading for decision-makers in the financial services industry.


Date published

21 November 2018



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