The countdown to Brexit and beyond

Episode one - The special relationship

Our countdown to Brexit and beyond podcast series looks at the impact for businesses on both sides of the pond of any free trade agreement between the UK and Europe and the UK and the US. This series will also look at how the outcome of the November 2020 US Presidential election will affect these two separate trade negotiations and highlight for listeners any potential areas of risk or concern which they may need to think about.

In this first episode, co-hosts Chip Cottrell from Holland and Knight and TLT partner Patrick Somers interview TLT partner Marc Gilston and Seth Stodder from Holland & Knight on the latest updates on the United Kingdom Internal Markets Bill (UKIM) and how this potential piece of UK legislation has been received in the US. 


There is a fascinating opinion on the potential differences in obtaining a free trade deal between the UK and US if there is a new Biden administration or a second Trump administration.  The interviewees are also asked their opinions on the potential impacts of the recent WTO decision in the Airbus/Boeing dispute on a future free trade deal between the UK and US and between Europe and the US.


Holland & Knight:

The information in this podcast is for general guidance only, and represents our understanding of the relevant law and practice at the time of recording. We recommend you seek specific advice for specific cases. Please visit our terms and conditions

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