The countdown to Brexit and beyond

Episode two - America decides, how will this impact the UK?

In episode two, co-hosts Chip Cottrell from Holland and Knight and TLT partner Patrick Somers interview  Marc Gilston and Seth Stodder again but this time they are also joined by Matt Siembieda from Holland & Knight to discuss the latest developments on the Brexit and UK/US trade negotiations. Seth and Matt also provide the latest thinking on the Presidential election.


The interviewees consider, in some detail, the scope of the WTO state aid rules and how these compare and contrast with the EU state aid rules. They also consider what difference the outcome of the Presidential election may have on the ability of the WTO Appellate body (currently not fully constituted) to make final determinations, plus the potential ramifications of this on the EU’s concerns about the UK’s refusal to be bound by the EU state aid rules.

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