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Employment Law Focus: Philosophical beliefs

If an employee feels they have been the victim of discrimination or harassment because of a philosophical belief, they could claim for compensation. But what is a philosophical belief? 

Are views on fox hunting, life after death, veganism, Brexit or Scottish Independence protected, or are they just opinions? 

And what happens when one person's belief conflicts with another's, like Christianity and homosexuality? Is there a hierarchy of protected beliefs?

Philosophical beliefs can be a tricky area for HR teams to advise on, but it's a growing issue and important to get right from a reputational and financial perspective.

In this episode, TLT's employment team offers their views and shares some advice on how to deal with these cases, including the need to remain objective, listen and to have clear policies on how the company handles discrimination and bullying.

We also comment on recent news stories including:

  • Brexit and how the EU Settlement Scheme is performing
  • CCOO v Deutsche Bank (ECJ), which suggests that the UK law on time recording might be in conflict with provisions of the European Working Time Directive
  • The government-led consultation on maternity rights and enhanced rights on an individual's return to work, including our thoughts on the proposals

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