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Employment Law Focus: Sexual harassment at work

The Me Too campaign has led to an increase in awareness of sexual harassment. In this first episode of our new podcast we find out how this is evolving, as well as questions about banter culture, social media, US-style love contracts and more...

The Me Too campaign has led to an increase in awareness of sexual harassment at work with companies needing to respond appropriately. In this first episode, Jonathan Rennie, Siobhan Fitzgerald and Fraser Vandal look at:

  • how companies are responding;
  • how evidence is assessed at trial including emotional impact and banter;
  • the impact of social media on claims and investigations;
  • and vicarious liability for employers and the importance of training.

We look at forward-thinking initiatives from the US like the legal obligation to provide training and the use of 'love contracts' or 'relationship contracts', and whether these are likely to be used in the UK.

NDAs or 'gagging clauses' as they're often known are often misunderstood due to the way they're reported in the media – we look at what an NDA is and whether they're likely to be further regulated in the future.

We also cover the latest news, including what we can learn from the UK's gender pay gap reporting data (including for millennials) and how this regulation might evolve, including the likelihood of sanctions.

Send us your questions and we'll answer them in the next episode – email emplawpodcast@tltsolicitors.com or tweet us using the hashtag #TLTemploymentpodcast and tagging @TLT_Employment

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