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TLT re-elects Managing Partner David Pester for sixth three year term

David Pester has been re-elected as managing partner for a further three year term from April 2017 by a unanimous all partner vote. This will be David's sixth term as managing partner. 

David has been with TLT since its inception in 2000, taking on the managing partner role in 2002. Under his leadership, revenues at the firm have more than quadrupled to hit £71.6 million in 2015/16. 

The firm has also expanded geographically during that time both through merger and green field office openings. The firm now employs over 1000 people across its six UK offices and is one of the few law firms able to advise across all three UK legal jurisdictions.

Commenting on his re-appointment, TLT Managing Partner David Pester said: "Our ambition at the start was to create a strong UK firm with a clear idea of the industries it would support and with the investment capacity and expertise to deliver a standout client service. That vision is still at the heart of what the firm stands for today as we prepare to kick off our new 2020 strategy."

Senior Partner Andrew Glynn, who led the election process, said:  "Under David's leadership we are transforming the business, winning market share and expanding across the UK in a highly competitive market. With early adoption of what are now industry norms, such as a sector-focused strategy and cross firm collaborative working, TLT is marked by its willingness to adapt and respond to a changing market. These attributes under David's consistent and strong leadership will be essential to the firm's continued success in the years ahead."

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