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Glasgow businesses to have their say on city devolution deal

TLT and its research partner, Centre for Cities, are launching a poll to find out what Glasgow businesses think about the proposals to transfer powers to Glasgow from Westminster and Holyrood. The survey gives business leaders a chance to air their thoughts on the opportunities and risks for the local economy, putting their views at the heart of the devolution debate. 

Last year Glasgow and Clyde Valley signed a City Deal with the UK and Scottish Governments giving the city region extra funding and extra powers over major transport and employment programmes. Elsewhere in the UK, combined authorities in Greater Manchester and Merseyside are taking control of strategic regional planning, transport, and skills policy. Those that adopt a directly elected mayor are even being given power over local healthcare and policing.

But, as city regions take more responsibilities, some are calling for additional financial freedom to be devolved too, as well as the ability to raise and retain tax locally to invest in infrastructure and attract more businesses to the area. 

In addition to the poll, Centre for Cities, TLT and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce are convening a meeting of senior business leaders in the city region to discuss their views on devolution. The outcomes of the poll and the meeting will be used to inform a Centre for Cities report in November that will present the voice of business to policymakers at a local and national level. 

To have your say on the Glasgow devolution deal, you can complete the survey here.

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