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Will all new cars be green by 2040?

The government has stated that its mission is to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles, and for all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040.

The Road to Zero, released earlier this month, sets out the policies for achieving greener road transport.

Of course, electric vehicles will only lead to greener transport if the electricity being used comes from renewable sources. It will be interesting to see if the move towards electric vehicles is coupled with greater enthusiasm for renewable energy.

The Road to Zero understandably places a heavy emphasis on the infrastructure that will be needed to support the increase in electric vehicles. A £400 million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund is to be launched to help accelerate the roll-out of charging infrastructure by providing funding to new and existing companies that produce and install charge points. A new £40 million programme will also be created to develop and trial innovative, low cost wireless and on-street charging technology.

Consultations will be released on:

  • Increasing the height limit for the Permitted Development Right in England for the installation of electric vehicle chargepoints in designated off-street parking spaces;
  • Introducing a requirement for chargepoint infrastructure for new dwellings in England; and
  • Amending Building Regulations to require relevant charging provision in new non-residential buildings.

We will monitor the release of these consultations.

For more information on electric vehicles, see our dedicated electric vehicles hot topic page.

Contributor: Alexandra Holsgrove Jones

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