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National Grid launches Operations Plan for the 2018/19 capacity market

National Grid has launched its Operations Plan which sets out the activities and milestones required to operate in the Capacity Market in 2017/18

A summary of the key points is as follows:

There will be a longer pre-auction process which will allow participants more time to ensure pre-qualification readiness, to develop their prequalification strategy and engage with the Delivery Body.

The variation to Regulation 69 that allowed new information to be submitted following the pre-qualification assessment, will be removed. Under the new operation plan, applications must ensure that submissions are completed and are factually correct at the time of submission.There will not be an opportunity to make amendments once the pre-qualification assessments have begun.

Key dates are summarised in the link below and auction guidelines are due to be issued in July. The ten week extended submission window will run from 24 July 2017 to 29 September 2017, with the T-1 2018/19 auction taking place on 30 January 2018 and the T-4 2021/22 auction taking place on 6 February 2018.

Guidance documents will be refreshed so that participants are fully supported during the extended submission window.

The Capacity Market will be operated by a number of organisations working together:

  • BEIS will take responsibility for ensuring that the Capacity Market meets its objectives under Electricity Market Reform.
  • Ofgem will work to ensure that market arrangements are fit for purpose and will also have a role in facilitating any changes to those arrangements in the interest of consumers.
  • National Grid will continue to be the delivery body. It will be responsible for the implementation of the Capacity Market in line with the Rules and Regulations and running the Capacity Market auctions.
  • Electricity Settlements Company, (and its contractor EMR Settlements) will be responsible for resolving disputes, and monitoring and reviewing the rules and regulations which relate to the settlement functions of the Capacity Market.

The full responsibilities of these organisation during the pre-qualification and auction process are outlined in the Operation Plan.

Read the full report and find out about the national grids engagement programme webinar which will take place on the 27 June.

This publication is intended for general guidance and represents our understanding of the relevant law and practice as at June 2017. Specific advice should be sought for specific cases. For more information see our terms & conditions.

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