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Common indicators of a positive M&A target

Acquiring a business is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a business owner or manager. 

In a new article by Growth Business, Bryan Shaw explains the common indicators of a positive target, including: 

Corporate governance – ‘This is a strong indicator of a good target, evidenced by regular board meetings, appointing non-executive directors and keeping books and records in order’, Shaw says. ‘It also enables any negative issues to be identified early and rectified promptly.’

A passionate and talented management team – ‘This can also make a world of difference as they will be driven to succeed and prompt and responsive to all due diligence enquiries,’ he adds.

Good quality investors – ‘It’s worth consulting the target’s cap table as institutional investor shareholders or other well-known professional investors are usually a sign of a solid business or one with strong potential,’ Shaw concludes.

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