In 2020, Homes England announced the new 5-year Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) as part of the Government’s plans to tackle the housing crisis and provide would-be homeowners with a step onto the housing ladder.

As part of the AHP, Homes England will be making over £7.3bn available to developers from April 2021. Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) will be integral to the programme and achieving the target of 130,000 affordable homes (outside of London) by 2026 – so much so that the Government expects strategic partners to adopt at least 25 per cent MMC in future schemes. Evidently then, modular and MMC are set to play a greater role in the housing development sector and stakeholders must be prepared.

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Written by Jahanara Hussain, Partner, and Sarah Hale, Legal Director, at UK law firm TLT

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Written by


Jahanara Hussain

Date published

03 February 2021


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