Evolving cities

The pandemic has forced the majority of the workforce into a world of remote working. As a result, our cities are evolving. 

While there will undoubtedly be a return to the workplace when it is safe to do so, those offices and the towns and cities they inhabit are changed forever as a result of the pandemic. What does this mean for planners, employers, building owners, developers and communities?

Follow our series of insights and events for analysis of the issues at play as the composition of our towns and cities changes in the short, medium and long term.

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Evolving cities: Green finance

In this video, Imogen Benson, Associate at TLT and James Vaccaro, CEO of RE:Pattern discuss the role green finance will play in the cities and towns of our future. How can companies take advantage of sustainability loans for business looking to reduce carbon footprint? And where are the investment hot spots?

Evolving cities: The role of planning

In this video, Katherine Evans and Andrew Ryan look at how planning regulations can support with greening our cites and promote the development of new projects concepts such as co-living, alongside sustainability, clean air and green infrastructure.

Evolving cities: Development trends

In this video, Daniel Halstead of TLT and Simon Peacock of JLL discuss the emergence of new concepts such as co-living spaces as how these will impact on our cities. What are the growth areas for housing and regeneration?

Evolving cities: Construction considerations

In this video, Stacey Cassidy, TLT, and Simon Peacock, JLL, discuss construction trends such as modular construction and repurposing existing space and/or developing new housing. Sustainability specifications in construction show little sign of slowing and new developments are giving more options for eco-friendly structures. What does this mean for future developments and the role that technology will play in re-shaping our cities?

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