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How to engage with the FCA and PRA webinar

In the current climate of social distancing, financial stresses and the recent FCA Business Plan, how you engage with your regulators has never been more important.

This webinar has already taken place, but you can request to access on demand here.

This practical webinar will provide you with advice on how best to comply with your legal and regulatory obligations in engaging with and notifying your regulators.

In particular, it covers your obligations to notify the relevant regulators of notifiable events, strategies for dealing with the regulators during such engagement, insight into how the regulators may respond and guidance on how to reduce any risk of intervention or follow up by the regulators.

What you will learn

This course will focus on our top tips on engagement with the FCA and PRA, including:

  • A reminder of the current regulatory/legislative regime applicable in relation to co-operation with and reporting to the regulators.
  • Practical tips on day to day engagement with the regulators, including in relation to solvency, claims rates, lapses, complaints and other key regulatory issues.
  • Preparing for and dealing with a supervisory meeting or visit, including the role of your Senior Management.
  • Supervisory engagement post such a visit.
  • Lessons learned from the past.
  • An overview of the process when considering notifications to the FCA/PRA.
  • How to respond to potential supervisory action including variations of permission, imposition of a requirement or a s166 skilled person requirement, including how your Senior Management should be involved in such responses.

This webinar is suitable for all Senior Managers, Heads of Compliance, Risk, Governance or Legal, and General Counsel as well as anyone else involved in interactions or engagement with your regulators.



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