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Future of real estate and sustainability webinar

Commercial real estate is undergoing significant change. Are your commercial property leases sustainable?

11am GMT | Thursday 6 February | Register now

Environment, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities are becoming more pressing. Technology needs are growing. Businesses require increasing flexibility from their workspaces, retail sites and leisure facilities.

These developments are raising key issues for tenants and landlords, such as

  • Who is responsible for ESG obligations – the tenant or the landlord?
  • When do you need a licence and when do you need a lease?
  • How can landlords promote sustainable transport? 
  • Should we offer contracts for shared spaces and short-term leases?

Commercial property contracts need to adapt to trends and prepare for future developments if they are to help businesses remain compliant, sustainable and profitable. Join our webinar to learn about sector developments impacting real estate contracts.

Learn how to future-proof your commercial property contracts

During this webinar, our commercial property experts will explore issues surrounding commercial real estate, focusing on key trends across sectors and regions. They will also discuss how these issues impact on points of law, helping you to review your contracts and make sure they are watertight for the future.

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