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Caroline Ramsay

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About Caroline

Caroline is a renowned expert in public procurement and state aid law and leads both practices in TLT.   She has years of experience advising private and public sector clients on complex transactions across the UK and internationally.  She advises under both the European and World Trade Organisation regimes.

She is highly respected across a large number of UK Central Government departments, local government and private sector bidding entities.  The depth of her experience on both sides of the procurement process means that Caroline can provide her clients with the most strategic insight when either procuring or bidding.   She has provided legal quality assurance to a number of large scale public procurement processes and has engaged with Government governance committees at multiple levels.  

Caroline also delivers training to clients, in both the public and private sector, in procurement and state aid law and is commended for her commercial and 'plain English' approach with which she translates these complex areas of law.  

Jurisdiction: Scotland

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