TLT FutureLaw Our approach

We will change expectations of what law firms can do. We will change the future of law.

We're delivering new products and services built on insight, process and technology to achieve better outcomes for clients, helping your business to thrive.

TLT FutureLaw is an aligned, integrated and indispensable approach to meeting the changing needs of our clients. 

TLT's FutureLaw team is multi-disciplinary group of specialists, including lawyers, process designers, technologists, knowledge management experts, data analysts, product and project managers and other professionals. Their role is to design, develop and deliver new solutions to our clients, working alongside subject matter experts across our legal and business services teams.

TLT FutureLaw

Our solutions

TLT FutureLaw has an initial portfolio of five offerings, which will continually evolve and extend to meet changing client needs.

Underpinning the whole portfolio, a ‘design thinking’ approach ensures that our solutions are truly client-centric, together with our firm’s reputation and promise of quality assurance.

Increase efficiency


A document, task and contract management solution, which combines market leading technology with on demand specialist legal expertise into one, realising opportunity. More


Procurement & contract management

Strategic commercial advice and resourcing for procurement and contract management teams to increase efficiency and realise commercial opportunities. More

Projects and outsourcing

TLT Applied

A managed legal service for project and outsourcing work that helps you maintain visibility, assures quality and delivers better outcomes for your business. More


Regulatory affairs

Specialist market focused public policy, insights and influence to help clients’ businesses thrive. More


TLT Intelligent Drafting

An intelligent drafting solution, to help you prepare contracts and other legal documents with ease, quicker and with less risk - delivering better outcomes for your business. More


TLT LegalSifter

A combined intelligence solution, which uniquely blends specialist legal advice with artificial intelligence to do a contract review in a minute or two. More

Photo of Biffa recycling facility

Automation helps Biffa reduce business waste one contract at a time

When a leading UK waste collection specialist asked us to help consolidate and simplify its job contracts to meet the demands of new legislation, it got more than it expected. As well as a new set of made-to-measure legal clauses, a new automated solution from TLT and Clarilis reduced its contract drafting time by 75%, and turned its HR department into one to watch. Read

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