TLT Applied

A managed legal service using scalable resources, efficient process and a secure online platform to deliver better business outcomes. 

Significant changes in the law or to your business circumstances can require in-house legal departments to scope and deliver a solution rapidly. 

But often limited resources, constrained budgets and a lack of integrated technology, can make meeting these expectations a challenge.

Working alongside your legal team, we can provide a unique combination of market leading expertise in strategic projects and outsourcing, legal service, process optimisation, project management, rapidly scalable resources and technology to deliver discrete projects as well as entire legal functions.

TLT Applied has been configured to help you maintain visibility, assure quality and deliver better outcomes for your business. It's one of a series of solutions from TLT FutureLaw.

Key benefits

Intelligence delivered

Intelligence delivered

  • Scalable specialist legal resources
  • Optimised, tried and tested processes
  • Dashboards on key performance indicators
Quality assured

Assured quality

  • Extensive supervision and quality control structures
  • Trend analysis for continuous improvement
  • Backed by law firm assurance
Better outcomes

Better outcomes

  • Predictable results
  • Bespoke technology platform
  • Transparent fixed fees

How it works

How TLT projects and outsourcing works diagram

  • Clients can instruct and upload documents online.
  • We assess, prioritise, categorise and assign the work.
  • We apply our scalable legal resources, combining process, playbooks, tasks and alerts to manage quality and workflow.
  • Documents are stored online, with full version control accessible to clients at all times.
  • Key metrics and trends are visible via dashboards and reports.
  • Quality is assured through our project management and expert reviews.

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