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Technology development & distribution

Developing and distributing technology involves multiple stages in supply chains. We help companies navigate through the necessary legal arrangements needed to get products to market, while minimising risk.

We work across the industry from innovative start-up technology companies seeking investment, to university spin-outs, as well as major international product manufacturers.

Technology manufacturers need to protect key value in their businesses. Our team regularly advises on contracts, including research and development agreements and other collaborations, and intellectual property protection and exploitation. We also advise clients on securing the funding to drive expansion, as well as putting in place arrangements with key employees to reward and incentivise them.

Misunderstanding legal issues costs money. We understand that badly drafted intellectual property agreements strip value from companies, and getting exclusivity arrangements wrong can exclude companies from key markets. Our team advises clients on how to avoid pitfalls such as failing to engage contractors properly, which can lead to disputes over ownership of important designs. 

We put ourselves at the heart of the technology market, as we know what drives value and the decisions in different parts of the supply chain, and how best to manage that legally.

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