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Repossession sales

Our national team handles the sale of properties that have been repossessed by secured lenders.

We focus on ensuring that once a buyer is identified, a property can be sold as quickly as possible - minimising the loss to the lender or maximising the equity available to the borrower.

Where there's a surplus, this is distributed to the party next entitled or back to the borrower in a timely manner.

Instructed by secured lenders when a property has been repossessed, we conduct a detailed review of the title to identify any issues that may impact on marketability, or the price at which the property can be sold.

A case handler with individual ownership of the file will ensure continuity of service for the lender, and will manage the sale transaction in the most timely manner.

Taking a proactive approach to the sale, we'll achieve deadlines set by the lender and asset manager.

A sophisticated case management system - to which clients have remote access - ensures sales are managed in a timely and effective manner through the process.

For those cases which are not straightforward, a specialist team will identify and implement commercial solutions to deal with the issue, so that the property may be sold.

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