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Litigation outsourcing solutions

TLT Engage is an outsourcing solution for in house teams helping to alleviate the impact of business-as usual work or repeat activities.

Dealing with high volumes of business-as-usual work while providing strategic oversight is a challenge for busy in-house legal teams in the financial services sector. 

The task is also not getting any easier. Caseloads are growing, fuelled by the broadening reach of regulations and regulatory jurisdiction across multiple industry sectors, not least financial services. This is driving major project work in the UK, such as bank ring-fencing and compliance change programmes.

The expanding volume of work has also been compounded by the proliferation of data, increasing emphasis on corporate transparency and a greater awareness of issues affecting the public, such as swaps mis-selling, the vehicle emissions scandal, data privacy breaches and LIBOR benchmark rigging.

In response, in-house legal teams continue to grow but there remains a long tail of risk driven by legal resource constraints and costs challenges, particularly in a low-growth economic environment.

TLT Engage offers a solution. Outsource your business-as-usual work to us at competitive rates whilst maintaining the highest standards of governance and risk control.

Working alongside your in-house team, we can provide an experienced team of lawyers, project managers, process designers and IT specialists to help you manage your workload more efficiently.

Examples of outsourcing projects we have worked on are: 

  • Real estate portfolio management 
  • Defence of mis-selling claims 
  • Payment Protection Insurance claims 
  • Section 75 claims under the Consumer Credit Act. 
  • Pre action complaints support 
  • Data Subject Access Requests 
  • Payments by mistake 
  • HR issues  

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