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Remuneration reporting

Executive remuneration, particularly in the form of share and bonus arrangements, has become subject to increasing scrutiny from shareholders and the media over recent years.

We advise companies on the design, drafting and operation of their remuneration policy to enable them to best balance the interests of their stakeholders. We supplement this by providing our clients with up to date guidance on both market practice and the views of institutional investor bodies such as the ABI and ISS.

We provide advice to all types of listed companies from FTSE100 through to AIM. We assist in the drafting of remuneration policies and advise on best practice and governance when a company is appointing or terminating executives.

Our annually updated Remuneration Trends report analyses the current trends around bonus pay and executive share plans and acts to inform clients of shifts in market practice and perception.

As lawyers who are involved in all aspects of employment law, share plan and bonus structures, we have a deep insight that allows us to help clients avoid issues around executive remuneration.

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