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Diversity & discrimination

All businesses know the importance of complying with the legal obligations in relation to discrimination and diversity. Mistakes are costly, both in financial terms and to the reputation of employers.

We work alongside our clients to ensure compliance with the legal framework, sharing our experiences and combined knowledge to ensure they avoid the pitfalls.

Our clients reflect a wide range of employers from listed corporates to SMEs and public bodies. We have particular experience in the retail, leisure, social housing and care, and financial services sectors - all industries where reputation and brand are vitally important to employers.

As well as providing day to day advice and support to try to keep clients out of trouble, we're also there to pick up the pieces when things go wrong. Our team has a wealth of experience in handling complex discrimination related litigation, with a great track record of successfully defending claims.

We regularly provide training to our clients, bespoke to their organisation and its development needs. This enables HR professionals and all levels of operational management to stay on top of the law.

By investing the time and energy in getting to know and understand our clients, we're able to deliver advice and support that takes account of each client’s individual priorities and sensitivities. We'll proactively raise areas where we think your internal practices and procedures can be improved, to protect your business against future claims.

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