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Acting as Supervising Solicitor

Search orders are one of the most formidable weapons in a claimant's arsenal. The power to enter someone's home or a company's business premises to preserve evidence or to recover property will be granted by the Courts only where necessary to ensure justice is done.

The severity of the award is balanced by a number of protections and one of the most important safeguards is the standard obligation to ensure that the claimant's solicitors carry out the search order under the guidance of a supervising solicitor who will also serve the papers and undertakes to prepare a detailed report to the Court.

A supervising solicitor must be independent and experienced in dealing with search orders and the complex legal and technical issues which often arise on the day.

TLT's litigators have a wealth of experience supervising the execution of search orders, including multi-site searches, and providing mixed teams of male and female supervising solicitors and assistants where appropriate.

We will always do our best to accommodate timescales and are flexible, accepting instructions on short notice if necessary. 

With offices in Bristol, London and Manchester, we are also used to acting as supervising solicitors across a wide geographical area.

Whatever the location, we can swiftly implement necessary procedures safely to handle and store property recovered.

Contact us direct for a competitive fee quote or just to discuss how we can help.

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