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Shipping disputes

We advise on a wide range of shipping litigation matters, in both London Arbitration and the Commercial Court, and also mediations. We also manage foreign proceedings and arbitrations.

Our clients include owners, charterers, ship managers, agents and brokers. We also act for protection and indemnity clubs, banks and other lenders, as well as national governments.

With extensive experience in all aspects of 'dry' shipping, we regularly advise on shipbuilding contract disputes as well as charter parties, including voyage, time, bareboat and slot, bills of lading and cargo claims. 

Newbuilding disputes have recently included claims for repayment of instalments and wrongful cancellation; they've also involved modifications, valuation and quality issues.

We provide specialist advice to resolve various charter matters such as laytime and demurrage disputes, hire and off hire claims, unsafe port or berth claims, performance warranties and bunker warranties.

We also advise on disputes including marine insurance, freight forwarding, ship agency, international sale of goods/commodity disputes, trade finance and documentary credits. 

Financing banks seek our advice on loan defaults (work outs) and insolvencies.Acting promptly on time critical injunctions enables us to freeze assets, restrain legal proceedings outside the EU in breach of English jurisdiction agreements or arrest or release vessels.

Much of our work includes a multi-jurisdiction element. Our established worldwide network of lawyers, barristers and arbitrators, technical experts and other contacts mean we're always ready to respond when clients need us. 

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