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Reputation management & defamation

A business can stand or fall on its reputation, making it vital to protect your business from malicious rumours, damaging publications and the unauthorised spread of information. We work with a range of businesses to protect their business and brand.

Our clients include public sector entities, corporate bodies and individuals seeking to protect their reputation from the publication of damaging or private information.

Our team regularly advises clients on dealing efficiently with libel issues and the removal of damaging published material, both in printed media and online.

The remedies involved range from the service of take down notices to secure the removal of damaging publications from social media networks, to High Court legal action for damages.

We also defend companies from allegations of wrongful publication of defamatory material.

A defamatory comment can have immediate repercussions on the reputation of the business or individual, and can cause long lasting harm. We work quickly to minimise the impact and limit the harm caused, including the removal or correction of offending comment and recovery of damages.

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