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Fraud & investigations

We have a substantial fraud and financial crime practice that covers all three UK legal jurisdictions. We regularly provide solutions on 'business as usual' fraud issues as well as having the expertise and resources needed to conduct large scale investigations and recoveries for clients. Our team can support across the entire spectrum of services, from pre-emptive risk assessment, through to investigation and recovery.

We act for many of the largest UK banks, and have done so for many years. The team also works for smaller mortgage lenders and building societies across commercial and retail lending, and for general insurers and more specialist product insurers.

We have experience in advising and training on regulatory changes to minimise the risk of fraud. Working with banks, we're used to investigating large scale fraud and providing MI to support prevention efforts. We regularly assist our clients by recovering against borrowers and third parties, including pursuing worldwide freezing orders.
Our lawyers understand the issues and provide solutions to meet client need. We put together teams of experts to assist with projects. We also understand that prevention is more important than cure, and provide post transaction reviews to assist in the development of our clients' business fraud prevention.

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