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Abuse of dominance

Competition authorities are committed to keeping markets open and competition healthy.

Dominant companies are able to exercise substantial market power. Being dominant is not illegal, but dominant companies must not abuse their power by unfairly foreclosing competition in the markets where they operate.

We help market-leading companies, including smaller companies in narrower markets, to have a clear understanding of whether they are dominant and, if so, the responsibilities that this entails.

We also work with businesses affected by the conduct of dominant companies, helping them to understand the rules and whether they provide a means to challenge abusive exclusionary or exploitative behaviour.

We advise across different markets on the competition aspects of commercial arrangements, ranging from pricing and promotions to supply issues and exclusivity deals.

Our focus is on empowering companies to compete aggressively 'on the merits' and deliver consumer benefits, but within prudent limits.

We also support those who wish to use competition law to address market abuse by dominant players.

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