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Export controls & sanctions

In an increasingly global market, export controls and sanctions compliance is a priority for any business operating within controlled sectors and/or exporting to high risk destinations. We understand and work closely with exporters ensuring that they know their regulatory obligations.

Clients include all types of exporters, from SME's to global organisations. We have experience across a range of industries including chemicals, automotive, oil and gas, nuclear, communications and construction.

We advise on specific transactions, assist with licence applications and liaise with the regulators regarding technical issues. We also assist with the planning and implementation of new compliance procedures. 

We help clients to prepare voluntary disclosures to the authorities if breaches are detected. We also advise on how to manage any regulatory investigations.

Breaching export controls and sanctions is a criminal offence with serious consequences. In addition, falling foul of the law can lead to brand reputation issues and create problems for ongoing trading relationships. We help businesses navigate the rules to ensure they are compliant. We also help them to minimise damage when problems arise.

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