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Data protection & privacy

Information is one of the most valuable assets an organisation holds. We work with a wide range of businesses and public sector organisations to help them protect and exploit the information they hold, while navigating their way through the complex legal requirements.

Our clients include major banks, retailers, energy providers and technology and media companies that process personal and commercially sensitive data as a core part of their activities.

Our team advise on data protection, freedom of information, confidentiality and privacy issues in the UK and internationally. Our experience includes:

  • data audits and training;
  • cross border data transfers;
  • data processing and data sharing arrangements;
  • implementing data governance programmes; 
  • drafting policies and privacy notices;
  • marketing consent requirements;
  • dealing with subject access requests;
  • breach management; and
  • regulatory investigations.

Data protection law is changing rapidly and mistakes can lead to significant financial penalties and reputational damage. We can help you secure your data and use it to its maximum potential within the restrictions of the law. If you do suffer a security breach, we can help you take pro-active steps to respond effectively and manage the risks you face.

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