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Collaboration agreements & commercial joint ventures

Co-operating to share expertise or brand reputation can be a useful strategy for an enterprise looking to enter new markets or launch new products. Economies of scale and other mutual benefits can be achieved and international barriers can be removed.

Such co-operation needs companies to work together to share risk, resources and rewards. We draw on our wide experience to help set out the rights and responsibilities of clients entering collaboration agreements or joint ventures in order to prevent disputes, provide mechanisms for mutual reward or an exit from the arrangement when needed.

We advise on all types of collaborations and commercial joint ventures. These range from simple business partnering to arrangements or consortia established for the development of new business concepts requiring heavy investment.

Our approach is to bring all parties together at the outset of collaboration. We look to understand the objectives of the enterprise and of each party entering the collaboration. This means we can outline all of the key factors and potential issues upfront, which helps to ensure a positive result for all parties.

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