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Public procurement

Whether you're a contracting authority or a bidder, our public procurement experts can help refine your entire approach, delivering rigorous compliance and commercial value.

Procurement accounts for about a third of public spending in the UK. It’s a complex, highly scrutinised area where a balance between achieving legal compliance and commercial success can be difficult to strike.

That’s where our Public Procurement consultancy can help. We offer a blend of technical legal expertise with commercial experience to provide a one-stop shop for procurement teams, ensuring regulatory compliance does not impede a positive commercial outcome.

Our procurement team act for both bidders (bid support) and contracting authorities, meaning we can offer valuable insight at the design stage. 

In a regulated procurement, we understand that avoidance of procurement challenge is the preferred outcome over a successful defence, therefore we can offer bid side expertise to contracting authorities to help anticipate and avoid potential challenge and legal difficulties.

Procurement consultancy

  • Competition design
  • Procurement and contract documentation
  • SLA & KPIs
  • Bid preparation
  • Procurement audit
  • Evaluator and negotiator training
  • Moderation
  • Governance and assurance

Procurement policy and procedures aligned with policy

  • Policy and procedure documentation
  • Procurement risk
  • Social impact
  • Supplier management

Procurement strategy

  • Strategy design - organisation, sector and competition level
  • Evaluation strategy and question design
  • Dialogue / negotiation planning
  • Anti-gaming
  • Commodity strategies
  • Behavioural assessment

Our team has worked with central government departments, regulators, local authorities and the wider public sector, in addition to commercial organisations bidding for public sector contracts. 

We can assist with any stage of the procurement process from simple documentation reviews, through to fully managed, outsourced procurement processes. No two procurements are the same, therefore our approach is to first understand your needs and provide support and advice proportionate to your requirements.

Get in touch for an informal chat to see if we could help with your procurement projects. Contact Iain Steel for more information.

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