Procurement & contract management

Strategic commercial advice and resourcing that increases efficiency and realises commercial opportunities.

Managing contracts effectively is a core business need, but many in-house commercial teams feel it's a disjointed, labour intensive, inefficient and risk prone process.

Procurement processes are not always delivering the best results. Commercial opportunities can be missed if contracts cannot be managed effectively in-life.

But in-house teams have limited resources, no integrated technology and limited budgets.

TLT’s Procurement and contract management service provides professional procurement and commercial advisers onsite or on-demand to shape strategy or manage key procurements or supplier relationships.

With the best blend of people, efficient processes and market leading technology we leave a lasting legacy that increases efficiency and realises latent commercial opportunity.

Key benefits

Increase efficiency

Increases efficiency

  • Reduced time from bid to benefit.
  • Effective management of programme, procurements and suppliers.
  • Documents and data in one place.

Delivers on strategy

  • Development of commercial strategies.
  • Improved structure,processes and governance.
  • Expertise on-site or on-demand.
Illuminate opportunity

Realises opportunity

  • Benefits recorded clearly in contracts.
  • Disputes identified and resolved early.
  • Key commercial information captured and performance and change managed.

How it works

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