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Our team specialises in four key areas...

Public policy and government affairs

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Helping you manage your interaction with central, regional and local government by providing an understanding of why and how policy is created and implemented. We'll ensure you have a strong influential voice in setting or changing policy and the legislation that flows from it.

Regulatory affairs

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We'll support you in creating a positive regulatory relationship through aiding understanding of the 'regulatory environment' - the why, what and how of sectorial and economic regulation.

We can help develop your regulatory relationship, facilitating discussion, responding to consultations and reviews. We'll boost your understanding of regulatory rules, assuring compliance, and risk and opportunity scanning, aiding strategy optimisation now and in the future.


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We can provide insight into the way policy makers and regulators use economics to understand the social behavioural and commercial environment and promote welfare and competition, and why consumers behave the way they do, and why and when regulators believe consumers and completion need protecting. Working with you to develop and present strong economic arguments, based on sound economic theory and evidence, using language that economic regulators understand.

Regulatory finance

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Using regulatory and statutory accounts and other financial data to help you see the full financial story. Supporting regulatory negotiations, disputes and complaints and responses to regulatory consultations through analysing pricing and charge control compliance and fair and reasonable pricing obligations, and building a strong financial case based on this financial analysis.

We can provide these services in combination with our high-quality commercial, corporate, competition and dispute resolution investigations legal services. This means we can seamlessly and efficiently help you meet your regulatory and legal objectives and goals - avoiding cost duplication, assuring end-to-end delivery, and leveraging the best legal and regulatory insights.

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