Episode 7 - Beyond the job description

From sports leagues to school reading initiatives, mentoring schemes to networking events – what will you get up to outside of the job description?

Beyond the job description

Hello and welcome to the TLT Unpacked Podcast series.

Jess: My name is Jess and today I’m joined by Matt and Ollie, and we’re all current trainees at TLT.

When we applied and joined TLT we were expecting to be trainees who made deals, not tea, and that’s what we got. The opportunity to get real hands-on experience on matters, but the opportunities haven’t just been with client work. We’d like to share some of our highlights and experiences with you outside of the expected trainee role we signed up for. So Ollie, do you want to kick us off? What have you been getting involved with in addition to your role?

Ollie: Well I’ve only been here three months, but I’ve been getting involved with quite a lot of different things outside of my role, which has been exciting. One of the things I’ve been doing is I’ve been partaking in TLT’s Ablaze scheme, which involves reading with children in a primary school on a fortnightly basis, and they’re in private areas. So it’s quite a rewarding experience. It’s something that TLT arranges, and facilitates, and encourages which is nice. You get picked up by a taxi and dropped back off again. So it doesn’t feel like it’s too much effort outside the normal working day. Also I’ve been to two networking pub quizzes, of which one we won. So it’s been quite fun to get involved in that sort of thing as well.

Jess: Matt, anything you’ve been getting involved with?

Matt: So I’m a current four seater. So I’ve been here just over eighteen months and I think one of the things that impresses me about TLT is just how much it has got going on outside of the usual role. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with lots of the sport societies that the firm has to offer. That’s involved playing football tournaments at lead division football clubs with a mixture of clients and colleagues. It’s involved playing on a weekly basis for the TLT football team, and winning tournaments and trophies that way, and also the mixed summer softball league with lots of other letting agents and clients of our real estate in that area as well. So I try to get involved with as much as possible. We also did a charity event, which is mixed netball. So it shows up people from all different backgrounds. I hadn’t played netball before and we were able to get involved in. On the more kind of work side, one thing I benefited of which I think helped me get my training contract at TLT was having a mentor while I was undergoing the LPC. This is something I learnt a lot from. So I wanted to give something back and TLT has facilitated that opportunity. Whilst I’ve been here not only have I carried on, and I am constantly being mentored by someone, I’ve also had the opportunity to be someone else’s mentee. So I can pass on wise words of knowledge and hope they get into the same position that I am soon. What about you Jess?

Jess: Well I’ve been playing netball as well. I played a couple of tournaments with different law firms and quantity surveyors, which obviously was good fun and then a great way to get to know other people that you’re going to be working with, and it helps when you’re exchanging emails and on the phone, and you can actually put a face to the name, and I know there’s quite a few sports teams. You mentioned the softball, which TLT is pretty passionate about. There’s all sorts of other things as well. I know there’s a paddle boarding team as well. So all kinds of exciting stuff. Obviously all the trainees have had a chance to get involved in the law fairs, going back to our original unis and trying to encourage new students to come and join the firm, and they’ve been particularly fun this year because we’ve been doing a hook the duck game to make it a bit more interactive and exciting, but you never really know what kind of opportunity is going come your way. This year I have been invited to go on a ski trip with my current team. It’s something they do every year, but it just goes to show that you never know what’s going to get thrown your way. So it keeps it interesting. It’s not just all about the work.

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