TLT Trainee podcast

Fresh thinking for future lawyers

A podcast series from TLT provides students with advice and inspiration as you navigate through a career in law.


Self Awareness

Self awareness is one of the most desirable qualities employers seek. But what is it, and why is it important?  more...


Decision-making hacks

Our decision-making hacks feature three real journeys into the law, and how to fight analysis paralysis. more...


The best trainee I ever worked with

In the third of our podcast series on how to give your legal career the best start, we ask TLT lawyers about their experience of working with trainees. more...


Our future, your opportunity

David Pester (Managing Partner) and Ed Fiddick (Partner) consider how 21st century trends are impacting the industry and what it could look like in 2020 for trainees. more...


Application inspiration

We asked three trainees for their perspective on common mistakes made in applications. If you want to make yours stand out for the right reasons, listen now to avoid the common pitfalls that could make the difference. more...


Diversity in law

Chris White, founder of Aspiring Solicitors, unpacks the truth behind diversity in law. Shedding light on the realities of diversity within the legal industry, Chris shares his passion for a more diverse workplace. more...


Beyond the job description

From sports leagues to school reading initiatives, mentoring schemes to networking events – what will you get up to outside of the job description? more...


From trainee to partner

Trainee Elgan explores career journeys at TLT by asking partners Matt and Sasha all the important questions. more...


Seat tasting

Trainees Laura, Hattie, Ollie and Tori discuss all things related to seat rotations and share what they've learnt along the way. more...