No law degree? No problem

Thinking of a career in law but don't have a law degree? Don't panic! There are many routes into law and every route offers something different to the qualified lawyer.

Photo of Sian Ashton TLT

I studied Geology at university and spent four years bashing rocks with hammers, squelching around building sites and investigating the chemical content of magma (from volcanos – not building sites…). 

I then decided that I'd much rather be fighting cases in a nice warm office/cold drafty Court than scaling mountains, and studied the law conversion and LPC. I then trained at TLT where I am now a Partner in the Commercial Dispute Resolution team.

Starting off as a non-lawyer has many advantages. As a scientist, I know how to analyse, investigate and draw conclusions: invaluable skills for a lawyer as I can see both sides of the argument.

I was driven to do this – I didn't fall into it just because of my degree, which continually pushes me to succeed. 

I also wasn't brought up on legalese! This helps me with one of the most important skills of a solicitor: translating the complex legal world into something that is actually accessible and understandable by clients.

Law is about communication. But what I have learned is that you don't need to have a law degree to be able to understand and communicate solutions to legal problems.

Whatever your entry point, whatever your experience, you will have something that makes you unique and which will enhance the skills that you learn.