Never too late to be a lawyer

It's never too late to be a lawyer. Even if you switch and start with two small children!

Photo of Sasha Butterworth

Everything you have done up to the point you decide to study law will help you. I started my career working at GCHQ after studying French and Spanish - I can't tell you what I did there, but I learnt how to think laterally, a key skill for a lawyer.

Next, I moved to Boots as a buyer and then a product manager, managing a £2m turnover. This helped hone my skills as a negotiator and how to deliver new products on time and to budget.

A move to live in Germany, and working for blue chip companies as a marketing and sales manager, led to strategic awareness of how to build sales in a new market.

On my return to the UK, while juggling with my daughter in reception and my son in nursery, I did a law conversion course and then the LPC. I learnt very quickly how to manage my time.

Fast forward to TLT, arriving as a solicitor in 2001 and making partner in 2006, building the pensions team from scratch. Every skill from my previous careers and my family helped make me the lawyer I am today.