TLT trainees

A day in the life of a Bristol trainee

Tori Mills photo

Departments to date: Real Estate and Corporate

7am: I wake up and get ready for the busy day ahead, the weather is great so I walk to the office in the sun. It’s a 25 minute walk from my flat, and on days like these it is a great start to the day.

8am: Arrive at the office and have a read through my notes for a presentation we are giving  later. The two seats I have been in so far have been great at providing lots of training for all levels of fee earners, including the trainees. Today the trainees are taking a ‘Case Law Update’ session for the fee earners in Corporate.

8.30am: We have our vacation scheme students in the office this week, so the trainees have organised to take them for coffee this morning. We meet in the lobby of the office and all head to a local coffee shop for a catch up. It’s a good way to get to know the students and allow them a chance to ask questions away from the office environment.

9am: Myself and the other corporate trainee, Ollie, have to peel ourselves away from the chat at our coffee morning and head to the top floor of the office to give our presentations on case law updates. One of my two cases deals with shareholder activism, which is an increasingly common and interesting issue for large companies. Trainees from London, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow all feed into the training via video link. The fee earners in attendance include a number of partners and some interesting debate stems from the discussions. Having the opportunity to present like this is great for both confidence and learning, although a little daunting at the time.

10am: Back to our desks following a busy morning. I work between the general corporate and the corporate renewables team, focusing primarily on the renewables work.  Our team have a spread sheet encompassing all of our deals, which it is the trainees’ responsibility to keep updated.  We’ve been really busy recently so I sit down with the partner and legal executive that I work most closely with and catch up on all the renewables matters that have recently completed, are in progress or we are in the process of quoting for. 

1pm: I head out into the sunshine and meet a few of the other trainees for lunch. We visit one of the food markets next to the office and head to the park to have our picnic. I usually try to bring lunches in, but the market stalls are often too tempting!

2pm: Back to my desk and I have lots of post completion tasks to get on with. I attended a completion meeting in our London office earlier this week, whereby a large sum was invested in a chain of noodle bars, this was the first investment deal I had worked on and I found it really interesting. Although the constant talk of ramen was hungry work.

4pm: We are conducting due diligence on a group of companies our client is buying, the corporate team tend to coordinate this process, liaising with the other specialist teams and pulling together a report for the client. New responses have landed in the data room following some enquiries the teams had raised, so I review these and send out to the relevant teams. Project management is a key part of being a corporate trainee.

5pm: Earlier than usual, I review my ‘to do’ list for the day and write up a plan of attack for tomorrow. A group of us from the team are heading to a quiz at PWC, so we log off and walk over together.

9pm: The quiz was a lot of fun and the offices we attended had an amazing roof terrace which was perfect given the weather. My supervisor is an associate in the team, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge when it comes to history, so our team enjoyed a brief bit of glory by placing second following this round. Sadly, we peaked too soon and had fallen out of the prizes by the end but it was a great evening.