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Trainee blogs

Get the inside track from our trainees

We asked recent trainees to share their experiences on everything from how to choose the right firm, and how to apply for a training contract.
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Applying for a training contract

Trainee Jen explains what's involved in applying for a trainee contract, sharing her own experience of the process. more...

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How to choose the right firm to train with

Choosing the right law firm to train with can set the tone for your whole career. Future TLT trainee Sonabella has some advice for making that important decision. more...

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Never too late to be a lawyer

It's never too late to be a lawyer. Even if you switch and start with two small children! Everything you have done up to the point you decide to study law will help you. more...

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No law degree? No problem

Thinking of a career in law but don't have a law degree? Don't panic! There are many routes into law and every route offers something different to the qualified lawyer. more...

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Running gave me belief in myself

Associate Emma Fox on how running has given her self belief in her ability to overcome challenges. more...