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TLT LegalSifter

When negotiating day-to-day contracts, AI + humans are better than either on their own.

We have partnered with LegalSifter to offer a "combined intelligence" solution for contract negotiation to be used by in-house legal, procurement and commercial teams. 

It uses artificial intelligence combined with advice from human lawyers to:

  • increase the speed of day-to-day contract reviews
  • free up experienced individuals to deliver more strategic value to the business
  • increase accuracy and quality while driving down costs. 

Contract reviews in a minute or two

TLT LegalSifter is an online service combining powerful artificial intelligence technology that "sifts" contracts for legal issues, and then provides written in-context "help text" advice from TLT's specialist commercial lawyers to help guide users through any risk areas.

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The process takes a minute or two. The software learns as it sifts contracts. If a user has any questions on the written advice provided, we offer a Legal Help Desk at no separate charge which is staffed by commercial lawyers and which clients can call or email.

Why do I need LegalSifter?

Benefits of LegalSifter

What are the benefits?


Contract review in a minute or two
  • Individuals can be 30% faster.
  • People can do more with the same amount of time.
  • Buy/sell cycles are reduced, realising benefits and revenues earlier.


Releasing the value potential of your people
  • Work can be reallocated to less experienced individuals - enabling non-lawyers.
  • Experienced individuals' time is released to deliver more strategic value.
  • Empowers individuals with more rewarding work.


Combined intelligence - a new standard of care
  • In trials, accuracy can be equal to or better than human lawyers on BAU contracts.
  • Help text ensures a consistent quality of in-context advice, which can be adapted to match your internal policies and will reinforce your playbooks.
  • Bundled, on-hand advice from specialist human lawyers provides greater reassurance and resolves questions.

Find out more

We believe we are the first law firm to offer a combined intelligence solution of this kind to clients in the UK and Ireland.

To find out more or to request a demo or meeting, please contact James Touzel.

Hear James share his view on what role artificial intelligence will play in the future of legal services.