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TLT LegalSifter

TLT has partnered with LegalSifter to offer a "combined intelligence" solution for contract negotiation to be used by in-house legal, procurement and operations teams. It increases the speed and efficiency of contract reviews and minimises risks, while introducing greater consistency across the business.

We believe we are the first law firm to offer this kind of solution to clients in the UK and Ireland. Through this partnership, we have combined powerful artificial intelligence technology from LegalSifter that learns as it "sifts" contracts, with in-built advice from TLT's lawyers and the assurance that TLT's leading commercial team is on-hand to assist with any legal support needed as part of that same solution.

TLT LegalSifter can be accessed online and is incredibly easy to use. The software reviews contracts within a minute or two, meaning teams no longer have to wait hours, days or weeks for specialist or senior review and feedback for business as usual contracts.

The software reads text, looks for specific risk areas and keeps learning, with in-built advice from TLT's commercial lawyers to guide users through the process and IT and legal helplines for ad hoc support.

The solution can be easily customised – for example, to enforce a company's sign-off procedures – supporting the seamless integration of the solution into the existing workflow and leading to greater consistency.

To find out how you could benefit from TLT and LegalSifter, please contact James Touzel.