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As lawyers and businesses, there are clear, actionable steps we can take to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Protecting our planet is rightly a front and centre objective, with governments, public and private sector organisations committing to a future with net-zero carbon emissions.

At TLT, we have a strong track record in working with the Clean Energy sector, but our commitment to achieving sustainability can and must go deeper than that to create a real step change and support each other in meeting our sustainability, diversity and wellbeing goals.

What we’ve pledged to do

  • Embed sustainable thinking in the way we advise and support our clients
  • Work in partnership with our delivery partners and policy makers to help design regulations and policies that deliver the right outcomes.
  • Actively participate in local and national networks driving forward sustainable change in the way we live and work.
  • Reduce our own impact on the environment as a business and as individuals.

Sustainability initiatives

We’re strong believers in actions speaking louder than words, so here are just some of the initiatives we’re proud to have worked on.

  • Publicly announcing our target to becoming a net zero emissions organisation by 2025.
  • A new partnership with Carbon Intelligence, a leading advisory firm on sustainability and climate change issues and strategy, to support the development of an ambitious sustainability programme for the firm.
  • We're members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance and signatories of their Legal Renewables Initiative – a commitment to getting to 100% renewable energy by 2025.
  • Sponsoring Forest Green Rovers (world's greenest football club) as part of our commitment to support businesses focused on community & sustainability.
  • Active members of The Chancery Lane Project, which brings together lawyers to draft contract clauses to help fight climate change. As well as drafting and reviewing new clauses for the TCLP’s Climate Contract Playbook, we are adopting climate positive clauses in our work and promoting this to clients.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations in relation to the decarbonisation, sustainability and security of energy supply.
  • Sharing best practice for implementing electric vehicle and electric fleet charging infrastructure and associated solutions such as energy storage.
  • Supporting staff engagement by sharing our experience implementing initiatives for our staff, which enable them to reduce their carbon footprint and engage with their communities.
  • Improving biodiversity - we have bee hives on the roof of our Gresham Street office to encourage biodiversity in the City of London.