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We pro-actively look for ways to collaborate with other providers and have done for many years; whatever delivers the best result for our clients. This means working with other law firms, other specialist providers and trusted law firm partners in other countries. 

We have the resource, capacity and expertise to deal with high volumes of work at short notice. We're able to bring in additional resource quickly and efficiently, meaning we can upscale to deal with projects on short lead times. We also invest in technologies that make us more efficient, like using a web-based platform for document reviews. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We're happy to work in support of other firms and often do, either standing behind them helping to deliver or working alongside liaising directly with the client. Sometimes we're the lead adviser finding more efficient ways to deliver through other providers.

More often than not, we're part of a panel where close working between firms benefits the client. We have formed specialist client service teams from the panel firms, working together to understand and deliver what the client needs. We have also developed and hosted extranets that make collaborative working easier, from transactional deal rooms to longer-term sites that support online reporting, case tracking and the sharing of know-how.

Here are some examples of the way we collaborate with others to deliver for clients:

  • Supporting a global firm on a multi-billion pound mortgage book transfer for a major bank. The portfolio comprised more than 250,000 properties and we handled all of the property and litigation aspects, including a review of 8,000 mortgage deeds. To co-ordinate our approach, we hosted regular all-parties conferences; created defined communication lines; and developed a clear project plan. 
  • Our Employment team operate a joint service with a magic circle firm to offer their clients cost-effective rates on a range of employment law issues. This innovative partnership means that, depending on the client or issue, we can undertake whole cases or work alongside the magic circle firm to deliver. The work includes sensitive high level investigations and claims.
  • Completing a substantial document review project for a US based firm on a major litigation. We undertook first stage legal review and classification of over 200,000 documents. The lead litigators were then able to undertake a second stage privilege review at the same time using our IT platform. We completed the project in less than one month. 
  • Collaborating with another firm on the disposal of a debt portfolio worth £250 million for a UK clearing bank. We helped with the vendor-side due diligence of the portfolio and the operation of the virtual deal room leading to a successfully completed sale.