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Mortgage litigation & recoveries

We're a leading provider of recovery services to banks, building societies and other secured lenders across the UK.

 As one of the largest UK lender services teams, we offer a comprehensive service, handling mortgage litigation and repossession conveyancing. We also support and advise on fixed charge receiverships.

Using the latest technology, supported by experienced and well trained teams, we deliver the best outcome for the lender and their customer. Operating from our offices in Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, we have the specialist expertise that secured lenders require in each jurisdiction.

We act for banks, building societies, other secured lenders and third party servicers. Whatever the size of mortgage portfolio, we adapt our processes to meet the requirements of our clients. Capable of handling large volumes of work, case allocation ensures that we deliver a tailored service to each client. This approach also ensures that each customer is treated as an individual so that the right outcome is delivered. All customers are treated fairly, and vulnerability is identified and handled appropriately.

We also support on repossession conveyancing, so that when a property is taken into possession the title checking process is carried out promptly, and a sale progressed proactively, to ensure the best result for the borrower and the lender. For buy-to-let mortgages, we provide advice and support to fixed charge receivers, from validating their appointment through to dealing with non-paying tenants, or those who remain in the property beyond the end of their tenancy.

We support our clients with regular legal updates and bespoke training courses pitched to ensure they address the specific needs of the client. Our approachability and accessibility at all levels, from partner to case handler, makes us easy to deal with. Our partner-led management team is closely involved in ensuring that we deliver a service that exceeds our clients' expectations.

Client service teams, supported by a flexible case management system, make us adaptable and allow us to work to a style that best suits the client. Supplementing this approach with technical excellence, we can support by ensuring that our clients' secured recoveries work is handled efficiently and effectively, whether the property is based in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

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