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Specialist lenders

Challengers to traditional lenders, including those involved in pay day lending, specialist mortgage lending and peer to peer lending, face issues unique to them.

As a sector that needs to make bold moves to remain competitive, our experience and expertise helps our clients to manage and comply with the increasing scrutiny.

Examples of the services we provide include supporting product development, compliant advertising and drafting and reviewing terms and conditions, through to litigation and debt recovery.

Working with some of the newest lending entrants gives us a great overview of current market practices. In this highly regulated arena adopting business models that do not follow a more traditional approach taken in the market increases risk. We provide our clients with a genuinely comparative analysis. 

Specialist lenders require highly technical legal advice, but we make our guidance accessible by stripping away the complexity to get to the heart of the issue. This helps lenders deliver attractive and compliant products.

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