Greening cities and future trends webinar

As our cities evolve, what are the main influences and future trends? 

Join us for a live Q&A webinar where you can ask our panel of experts about key topics such as:

  • What is role of green investment?
  • How can companies take advantage of sustainability?
  • How do planning regulations support greening cities?
  • What are the development trends?
  • Where are the growth areas for housing and regeneration?
  • Do future construction trends support repurposing and new build?

Questions to the panel

You can submit questions to the panel prior to the live Q&A webinar by emailing Philippa McFeat with your question. 

Webinar Chair: Maria Connolly

External speakers: Simon Peacock, JLL; James Vaccaro, CEO of Re:Pattern

TLT speakers

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10.00 - 11.00 | 27 January 2021

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