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TLT LegalSifter webinar - using AI for research contracts

Practical Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Legal Tech in Research Contracts Management

Join this webinar to hear perspectives on how AI-based systems have been developed to augment legal work, with particular reference to research contract management in universities. This was explored in a blog issued by Research Consulting in June 2019 and the webinar will allow participants to discuss and understand the emerging benefits, solutions and practical considerations.

Speakers include:

  • Dan King, Research Consulting who will provide an introductory overview of the context for the webinar and relevant past work on research contracts by Research Consulting.
  • Kevin Miller, CEO LegalSifter who will talk through the emerging technologies and solutions and their work in piloting solutions with universities in the US and UK.
  • James Touzel, partner, TLT a UK-based law firm involved in exploring how contracts teams leverage this technology in Great Britain.
  • Letitia Baldock, Director of Legal Services at the University of Southampton, who will provide a practice-based perspective on the reasons for and experiences of exploring these technologies in delivery.


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