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Digital futures: FAANG Wars and the battle of the World Wide Web

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google are all fighting to dominate your living room. Alexa, Google and Siri are taking it to the next level by talking to you. Netflix, Amazon and Apple are changing the way we watch TV forever. Facebook is taking on Google and Amazon with its own cryptocurrency.

Above them all sits the European Commission. The FAANGs are squarely within their sight. The European Commision is set on bringing these companies to heel.

But in the US the FAANGs are left unregulated. And in China the regulation of your digital self is turning into a bad episode of Black Mirror with the social credit score system. 

TLT will discuss: 

  • Is this a good thing for either consumers or businesses?
  • Will we be left with a limited regional wide web, with distinctive and very different regimes governing our online world in Europe, North America and China?
  • Is the World Wide Web regionalisation a threat or an opportunity?

Come and join in the conversations on December 3 as we discuss the future regulation of digital platforms and what it means for you.


16.00 Registration and refreshments

16.30 Presentations

17.45 Q&A

18.00 Networking, drinks and nibbles

18:30 Close


20 Gresham St, London EC2V 7JE

To register, please email Philippa McFeat

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